From elaborate jewellery to tiny trinkets, Jaipur is packed with treasures making it a shopper’s paradise. Work some shopping into your sight seeing, or make a day of it. Either way you are sure to take home some beautiful reminders of the beauty of Jaipur and India.

Here is just a taste of what Jaipur and Rajasthan has to offer –

Jewellery and Gems –
Jaipur is known as the gem and gem-cutting capital of India, and that means that it is also the place to get the best jewellery in the country. Find your perfect piece or have something designed just how you like.

Want something simpler? Then fill your arms with lac bangles, another of Jaipur’s specialties. These can be found everywhere in the bazaars with some shops dedicated to them.

Clothing –
Sari, lahenga choli, salwar kameez, churidaar, pattu pavadai – try some beautiful traditional Indian clothing in vibrant Rajasthani colours and have some made just for you by the local tailors.


Shoes- slip on some traditional handcrafted mojaris! Shoes here are as colourful as everything else.

Textiles – Silks, cottons and delicate woollens, some embroidered, some block printed, some embellished with beads. Bedspreads, pillow covers, tablecloths, antique fabrics turned into unique patchworks and more. For every variation there are endless colours to choose from. Sit back and enjoy the fun of the vendor laying out his wares for you as you sip chai.


Scarfs – scarfs are everywhere! From the cheap and rough to the delicate and expensive. As expected in Jaipur, they come in every colour you can hope for. They are also light and take up little luggage space making them the perfect gift to carry back home.

Carpets and Dhurries – at many showrooms you can see local artisans hand-weaving on looms and watch as a new piece is created. Don’t be scared to buy a large carpet as most vendors will organise postage home for you.

Pottery – Jaipur is known for its blue pottery, a local art brought to India by the Mughals from Persia and now with its own unique style. You will see it through monuments and even in many hotels and restaurants as part of their decor. Pieces start from small door knobs, tiles and beads, then to large vases and urns. Of course there are more colours than just blue.

Trinkets –
statues of every god, beaded pens and boxes, tiny marble elephants, in fact elephants of all kinds, there are endless treasures to tempt the rupees out of your wallet.



Leather – including both cow and camel leather, you will find beautiful bags of all sizes, as well as wallets and books bound in leather.

Paper – combine some sightseeing with shopping by visiting one of the paper factories in Jaipur. Watch how they recycle cotton remnants (yep, no trees harmed here!) and then colour, texture and even work in dried flowers to the paper. You can then buy the results including books covered in recycled saris.

Miniature Art – Another of Rajasthan’s specialties is this delicate painting work. Often you can’t appreciate the detail without a magnifying glass as the work is so fine. Traditional scenes include the “tree of life” as well as the classic Rajasthani trio of elephant, camel and horse.

It is almost obligatory to take home some puppets. They are everywhere and capture all the colour, fun and history of Rajasthan. They are traditionally sold as a king and queen, and can be found from only Rs200. Make sure you see at least one puppet show while you are here so you can appreciate them even more.

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